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Slides from WordCamp Baltimore – A Year of Learning (and Teaching) JavaScript Deeply

Today I had the chance to speak at WordCamp Baltimore 2016 about my last year of learning and teaching JavaScript Deeply.

I had a great time preparing the slides and getting everything ready and hopefully it all went well ūüôā ¬†I’ll add up the video once its on WordPress.tv


Zac Gordon Will Be Presenting at A Week of REST with Human Made in the UK!!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 12.04.59 PM.png

The Week of REST Conference in the UK – Coming later 2016

When I set out to start my JavaScript for WordPress Master Course back in November, Human Made was one of the primary companies I wanted to partner with.  They have Joe, Ryan, Siobhan and many other talented folks who I deeply respect and would love to work with.  They are also the leading company out there promoting the WordPress REST API.

For these reasons, I am super excited and honored to become part of their team for the Week of REST training they will be doing in the UK, later this year.  This is a follow up to the wonderful Day of REST Conference they had earlier this year.

Here is a little information from the splash page for the event:

A four-day residential developer bootcamp, with a focus on building websites and applications on top of WordPress. Learn everything from building a custom API to creating your first application.

Tailored to WordPress developers, the bootcamp will teach you how to leverage the WordPress REST API, creating your own custom APIs, and displaying your data in a frontend JavaScript application. With a strong focus on best practices, you’ll learn everything you need to start building decoupled websites and applications.

I know not everyone will have the means to hop the pond from the States to get over to the UK, but even if you cannot make it, please sign up for their newsletter here.

I can’t speak at this point to anything in regards to a Week of REST here in the States, but I am sure that if a lot of folks show interest and put in requests it would help ūüôā

So, please sign up for the newsletter to show your interest in general for the event and if you or your company has the means to get you there for the Week of REST, it will definitely be worth your time!!!

It does not look like this will really be catered to folks new to¬†JavaScript, so if you’re still just getting started or comfortable with¬†JavaScript you will want to check out my¬†JavaScript for¬†WordPress Master Course.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 12.33.10 PM.png

Also, if you¬†were not able to attend the Day of REST Conference back in January,¬†our beloved Brian Krogsgard, of Post Status, is hosting the videos from the conference on his site, so please join. ¬†If you are not a Post Status member, you really are out of the¬†inside loop when it comes to WordPress news, so join the club today ūüôā

I will be posting more information on the¬†Week of REST as it gets closer, but¬†let the folks at Human Made know if you’re¬†interested in the event.

$100 Off My WooCommerce Development Workshop at WooConf 2016

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I’m super excited to head out to Austin on April 6-8 this year for my 2nd¬†WooConf. ¬†This year I will be doing a workshop based on a¬†WooCommerce Theme Development Course I did at Treehouse.

Thanks to the folks at¬†WooCommerce, I have an unlimited coupon code “WOOCONFZAC” for $100 off¬†for anyone who wants to attend¬†the conference for Woo work.

Check out the trailer for the course to get an idea of just some of what we will get into.


Of course we will also talk a little about JS and API work with¬†WooCommerce ūüėČ

Comparing JavaScript Library and Frameworks for WordPress – WordCamp Miami

A super big thanks to all the folks at WordCamp Miami for putting on a Learning JavaScript Deeply Track.

Here are my slide notes from the talk as well as some helpful links:


Please also check out my course, JavaScript for WordPress, which will cover all of this in much more depth.


Dradcast Episode – “Learn JavaScript Deeply” w Guest Zac Gordon


A big thanks and shout out to Brad and Dre for having me on the Dradcast to talk about everything from JavaScript to AI.

I talk a little about what I have been up to with my JavaScript for WordPress as well.

It was a fun show and you should listen over here: http://dradcast.com/shows/episode-088-learn-javascript-deeply/