About Zac Gordon


Zac Gordon is a professional educator with a Masters in Technology Education and years of experience teaching in the classroom, leading workshops, giving talks and recording online courses. He has taught a range of web related topics from design and development to traditional programming and even robotics.

His technological teaching passion is WordPress. He loves being able to empower people to learn how to build sites for themselves that help them promote their own brands, businesses or organizations. For his more advanced students, he loves watching people move from being able to just build sites with the WordPress software to being able to understand how everything works behind the scenes and truly becoming WordPress developers.

Zac and Matt Mullenweg at the First Ever WordCamp New York in 2008

Zac Gordon started working with WordPress quite early on in it’s history when it was still in version 2 of it’s development. Over the years he has watched the platform grow from a blogging tool to a CMS to now an even more robust web platform.

Zac Speaking on Learning PHP for WordPress at WordCamp Baltimore 2015

Attending and speaking at WordCamps has been a big part of what Zac loves about working with WordPress. There is such a wide variety of people who attend WordCamps, from people who own websites to hard core developers.

Zac first got into WordPress as a developer building sites that clients needed to easily update and manage on their own.

Zac Gordon teaching web design at Springbrook High School
Zac MCing the 2012 Student Web Design Conference

As a high school web design teacher, Zac brought WordPress into the classroom and showed students how to get paid to build websites for clients in the community. He even started an internship program where students would start their own companies and have several class periods a day in or out of school to work on building WordPress sites for clients.  

Outside the classroom, he ran a weekly Web Education show called “Required Listening” and help organize the annual Student Web Conference.

Zac Co-Hosting the Required Listening Show with Web Student Prodigy, Kyle Cotter

When Zac began teaching at the college and University level he wrote curriculum for schools that included teaching WordPress.  He found ways to integrate WordPress into both development and non development courses and he instructed a few courses purely on Content Management Systems.  He also organized and managed several local web design Meetups.

Outside of the classroom, Zac worked with the official Web Standards Group on the open source Interact Curriculum for Universities.

Zac Recording WordPress Courses at Treehouse

In 2012 Zac left the classroom environment to teach at the learning site, Treehouse.  Here he taught WordPress exclusively and has released dozens of courses on WordPress that include beginner, nontechnical courses as well as advanced WordPress development courses.

Zac Recording JavaScript for WordPress Content from Home Studio

After Treehouse stopped teaching WordPress in 2015, Zac went on to build the online learning site JavaScript for WordPress where he offers a number of courses involving the modern trends in WordPress Development.

Zac’s Student Hosting Company Started in 2005

In addition to teaching technology, Zac runs a hosting company dedicated to students and offers free, weekly office yoga classes at OfficeYoga.tv.


Learn more about Zac at zacgordon.com.