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Slides from WordCamp Baltimore – A Year of Learning (and Teaching) JavaScript Deeply

Today I had the chance to speak at WordCamp Baltimore 2016 about my last year of learning and teaching JavaScript Deeply.

I had a great time preparing the slides and getting everything ready and hopefully it all went well 🙂  I’ll add up the video once its on WordPress.tv


Comparing JavaScript Library and Frameworks for WordPress – WordCamp Miami

A super big thanks to all the folks at WordCamp Miami for putting on a Learning JavaScript Deeply Track.

Here are my slide notes from the talk as well as some helpful links:


Please also check out my course, JavaScript for WordPress, which will cover all of this in much more depth.


Let Alex Vasquez Help You Decide Whether to Use a WordPress Framework, Parent Theme or Starter Theme

I wasn’t able to WordCamp Orange County in 2013, but if I had, I would have enjoyed checking out this cool talk in person. The presenter, Alex Vasquez, does a good job explaining the differences and similarities between frameworks, parent/child themes, and starter themes.

His slide deck has some awesome illustrations.

Some Good Tips on Working with Genesis 2.0

The folks at StudioPress [recently released the beta for Genesis 2.0](http://www.studiopress.com/releases/genesis-framework-20-beta-2.htm).

If you’re working with Genesis and plan on upgrading, you should [check out this article on 11 Essential Resources for 2.0](http://www.studiopress.com/news/genesis-2-0-resources.htm).

BackPress – WordPress Stripped Naked

I came across BackPress while reading about the WordPress Plugin API a while back. Basically it provides all of the core actions and filters from WordPress core to be used outside of the WordPress environment.

Not sure when I’ll have the chance to work with the framework, but it looks really cool and an awesome solution for the right problem.

Great Video on How Automattic Approaches Theme Development

Check out this great video from Philip Arthur Moore


In the video he talks about a few major approaches to creating WordPress themes:

  1. Parent and child themes
  2. Theme frameworks
  3. Starter themes
  4. From scratch

You can also find a nice write up he did of the content over on the Codepoet blog.

He also has his slides from the talk up on slideshare