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A “Classic” Color Scheme Plugin for the WordPress Admin Area

Classic Admin Color Scheme Plugin

Sometimes when I’m working in the backend of so many different WordPress sites I like to change the admin color scheme so I can tell at a glance what site I’m working with.  While working on a rebrand for Web Hosting for Students, I came across a great admin color scheme, called WP Admin Classic Colors, that looks like the pre-3.8 color scheme.

Here’s what it looks like in action.

Classic Admin Style Color Scheme Screenshot

Thanks to the folks at Web Shop Logic for making the plugin available!

Cool WordPress Plugin for Viewing Nested Pages in the Admin Area

If you have a site with lots of parent and child pages, you’ve likely felt something missing UX wise from the default Pages listing in the admin area.

The Admin Column View plugin solves this problem by implementing a Mac Finder style column view to help you more easily navigate to your content.

Check it out!

Since it’s from the talented folks at CrowdFavorite, you know it’s gonna work smooth 😉

DevPress’s WordPress Admin Theme

DevPress came out with a custom admin skin that looks something like this:

DevPress WordPress Admin Skin


I was reading Jeffo’s thoughts on the theme over on WP Tavern and would have to agree on a few points:

  1. It’s designed for a full screen view
  2. Not sure about the color scheme
  3. You cannot read the docs (I was interested in options for skinning) without paying

I’m also curious if they already have this skinned to work with 3.8 already.

Either way, I’m glad that more people are playing around with skinning the admin.

My Thoughts on Now Running wp.zacgordon.com on WordPress 3.6

I’ve been anticipating the release of WordPress 3.6 for a while. Primarily for two reasons: 1) I have to record my new How to Build a Plugin Project for Treehouse and have been waiting for the latest version to drop, and 2) I was expecting the new admin theme based on the MP6 plugin (although it wasn’t in the RC).

I’m not terribly disappointed that they didn’t drop the new theme since I still have the plugin. I also anticipate they will add the new theme in a later 3.6.x release. Maybe it just wasn’t ready yet. They are still probably learning lessons from dropping it in WordPress.com recently.

Since most of the new features deal with Post Types I’m not sure how much they will affect this site. This theme originally came with Post Type integrations and then a while back I decided to switch the styling to working with categories instead.

I try not to put too much time into tinkering with the design of this blog since I mostly focus on writing content. Eventually I may go back and add some different styling for working with the new post type features. However, I’m used to embedding content and I usually like to have a good description with each post rather than just dropping in a video or link.

That said, it’s always nice to see WP keep updating their platform. I’m not sure that any other CMS does with the same regularity and frequency of WordPress.