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Dradcast Episode – “Learn JavaScript Deeply” w Guest Zac Gordon


A big thanks and shout out to Brad and Dre for having me on the Dradcast to talk about everything from JavaScript to AI.

I talk a little about what I have been up to with my JavaScript for WordPress as well.

It was a fun show and you should listen over here: http://dradcast.com/shows/episode-088-learn-javascript-deeply/

Guest on WPwatercooler – Beyond Learning JavaScript Deeply

Thanks to George Sephanis for inviting me on the WPwatercooler show this week to discuss what else is worth learning deeply in 2016 besides JavaScript.

Of course, several of the folks on the show, including myself, are still focused on learning JavaScript in 2016,

However, a number of other good areas came up as well:

  1. Ways of Building with a API
  2. Learn Git, WP CLI, Workflow Tools
  3. Still Learn HTML, CSS and SASS
  4. Regular Expressions?!
  5. How to Customize Visual Composer
  6. Use Sketch to Build Mobile First, Responsive Sites
  7. Other ECMA languages like ActionScript?
  8. Learn Hosting More Deeply (ie how and why Pantheon approaches hosting the way they do, NGINX, Linux)
  9. Learn Local Development with DesktopServer, if you haven’t yet
  10. Bring Adaptive Content Delivery to WordPress

Thanks again for inviting me on the show, good times!

Top 10 WordPress Podcasts

A while back I posted about a new podcast on the market and mentioned how I don’t really listen to podcasts anymore.

After a comment from a reader, I decided I’d brush up on my podcast intake. Below you can find an unordered list of popular WP podcasts:

Thanks to everyone for your hard work and dedication to publish regular podcasts!

I Just Learned About This WordPress Plugin Podcast

It’s been a while since I prescribed to and listened to podcasts. Videos, a little, but audio not so much.

I’m gonna make an exception and try checking out this podcast on WordPress plugins: WordPress Plugins from A to Z. It comes out weekly and they’re already on episode 130 (as of writing this post).

Here’s a sample episode: