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oEmbed Gist into WordPress

I just stumbled across a cool way to oEmbed a Gist directly into a WordPress post.  This means that rather than copying the js embed code from a Gist I can simply paste out the link to a Gist instead.  Nice

I had a little trouble getting it to work though.  First I had to remove an extra ” in line 12 then the script it generated just showed up as plain text on the front-end, but it got me playing with the idea since I like to use Gists.

After a little searching to see what else was out there, I found out that Jetpack offers Gist oEmbed shortcodes as one of it’s many features.  Sweet.

How to Embed a Shortcode from a Plugin Directly into a Template File

I recently came across a great shortcode that I wanted to embed directly into a template, rather than use as a shortcode from within the admin area.

If you ever need to do this you can use the do_shortcode function, and pass any necessary parameters as you would need.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[shortcode with="parameters"]'); ?>

Add ZURB Foundation Shortcodes in the WordPress Editor

Foundation Shortcode Plugin

I  recently did a workshop on building a WordPress theme with the Foundation framework. If you build your WP site with Foundation, you may find it helpful to use this plugin, Easy Foundation Shortcode, since it will give you more flexibility over the Foundation based styling you do from the content editor.