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If You Need Help Setting Up the SEO from Yoast Plugin, Check Out This Resource

Once again the folks from Tutsplus (formely WP Tuts) deliver. Ahmad Awais did a little series for them on setting up and using the awesome SEO plugin from Yoast:

  1. Configuration
  2. Social Settings
  3. Final Tweaking
  4. On Page SEO

We’ll have a course on Treehouse soon that covers all this, plus hopefully a little guest appearance from Yoast himself, but for the meantime, I encourage you to check out this resource if you ever need a hand.

I think that a lot of people who install this plugin don’t actually take advantage of the On Page SEO options, so I would especially suggest you read the last article if you’re familiar with setting up the actual plugin.

Great Series on the WordPress HTTP API

Tom McFarlin did this great series for WPTuts on the HTTP API:

  1. wp_remote_get – the Arguments
  2. wp_remote_get – the Response
  3. A Practical Example of wp_remote_get
  4. A Brief Survey of wp_remote_get
  5. A Practical Example of wp_remote_post
  6. Saving Data From wp_remote_post

If you’re using this for your plugins or themes you’re gonna probably rely on these pretty heavily (I know I did).


Thanks to core contributor, Tom McFarlin, for writing up this great series of posts on WP Tuts+ dissecting the recommended coding standards for WordPress theme and plugin development.

How to Add WordPress Plugin AJAX to the Front-End

While working on the new Treehouse Badges plugin I had to add some AJAX on the front-end of the site to check that the profile is up to date.

I found these two articles on WP Tuts pretty helpful in getting everything working:

  1. An overview of plugin AJAX on the WordPress front-end
  2. An example of plugin AJAX on the WordPress front-end

Thanks to Tom McFarlin for the articles!