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Drag and Drop Images Directly Into Posts with WordPress 3.9

Image ganked from WP Beginner

Image ganked from WP Beginner article on 3.9

When WordPress added drag and drop uploads it created such a smoother UX for working with images. Now they’re taking it a step further and letting you drag and drop images directly into your posts, where you can resize and edit them inline with all your content.

Things just keep getting better and better!

Heck Yeah to Syed for Starting a School

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I like this guy. I like his style, what he does, and how he does it. And now he’s working to start a school with the fundraising campaign. Heck Yeah Syed.

If you don’t know Syed, he’s the guy behind WPbeginner.com.  Here’s what he says about the program that struck me:

I have always believed that basic education is a human right. Since I was born and raised in a developing country, I truly understand the value of education because some of my friends weren’t as privileged as I was.

Spot on mate.  Check out this video to learn a bit more about Pencils of Promise, the organization behind this.

I started a fundraising page to raise $50.  Syed says that even $25 makes a difference.  So, I donated $25 and I have a goal of asking just one other person to donate $25 as well.  If you can help me with this, please donate on my Pencils Of Promise Campaign Page.