Heck Yeah to Syed for Starting a School

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I like this guy. I like his style, what he does, and how he does it. And now he’s working to start a school with the fundraising campaign. Heck Yeah Syed.

If you don’t know Syed, he’s the guy behind WPbeginner.com.  Here’s what he says about the program that struck me:

I have always believed that basic education is a human right. Since I was born and raised in a developing country, I truly understand the value of education because some of my friends weren’t as privileged as I was.

Spot on mate.  Check out this video to learn a bit more about Pencils of Promise, the organization behind this.

I started a fundraising page to raise $50.  Syed says that even $25 makes a difference.  So, I donated $25 and I have a goal of asking just one other person to donate $25 as well.  If you can help me with this, please donate on my Pencils Of Promise Campaign Page.

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