Finally a Simple WordPress E-Commerce Solution

I’m a huge fan of WooCommerce. But something just like WordPress is an overkill for a site, so WooCommerce is an overkill for E-Commerce.

Enter Exchange from iThemes. An E-commerce theme with the tagline: “Simple ecommerce for WordPress“.

What they’ve done, they’ve done right:

  1. An on site shopping cart
  2. Coupons
  3. Digital downloads
  4. PayPal and Stripe by default (free addon for Stripe)
  5. Customer integration with Mailchimp (paid addon)
  6. You get a free e-commerce book

I haven’t used it yet, but for my next simple E-commerce site, I plan to.  I’m most curious how it integrates with non iTheme themes.

4 thoughts on “Finally a Simple WordPress E-Commerce Solution

  1. Oh man thank you so much for this post – I’ve been using WooCommerce and feeling like I’m on a tech high one minute and a tech low when I hit a brick wall the next – so many great things yet so many limitations for a non-coder. Definitely interested in a truly simple & straightforward ecommerce method. Outside USA, PayPal is just very risky so other gateways have to be part of the solution, and iThemes looks so promising!


  2. Hey Zac. First let me say that your tutorial on Treehouse is worth the price of admission alone. As for ecommerce, I felt the same way – with WooCommerce I kept thinking – Am I missing the simplicity thing here? Exchange does look promising, but it looks like it has some growing to do. I have Ecwid to be my solution at the moment. It does its ecommerce thing and lets WordPress do its blogging thing. Plus I can use the same cart on multiple stores which is a great feature for sites with multiple domains and landing pages.


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