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Let Alex Vasquez Help You Decide Whether to Use a WordPress Framework, Parent Theme or Starter Theme

I wasn’t able to WordCamp Orange County in 2013, but if I had, I would have enjoyed checking out this cool talk in person. The presenter, Alex Vasquez, does a good job explaining the differences and similarities between frameworks, parent/child themes, and starter themes.

His slide deck has some awesome illustrations.

Add ZURB Foundation Shortcodes in the WordPress Editor

Foundation Shortcode Plugin

I  recently did a workshop on building a WordPress theme with the Foundation framework. If you build your WP site with Foundation, you may find it helpful to use this plugin, Easy Foundation Shortcode, since it will give you more flexibility over the Foundation based styling you do from the content editor.

Check Out My Live Workshop on Making a WordPress Theme with the ZURB Foundation CSS Framework!

Thanks to some encouragement from one of our Treehouse students, Anthony Hind as well as our awesome video team at Treehouse, I was able to do a live workshop this week on how to build a basic WordPress theme with the Foundation Framework from ZURB.

You can find the workshop here on Treehouse.

If you’re interested in learning more check out our other WordPress courses on Treehouse!

10 Pros, But Are They Forced? WordPress as an Application Framework

Definitely starting to see more articles and discussions out there on WP as an application framework or foundation.

Here’s a top 10 list from Gabriel Koen on some things WP brings to the table as a framework.

I’m curious as this talk grows more and more what may come or shift or replace WP_Cache for an app developer working in the WP ecosystem.

Learning the Niche of WordPres Theme Setup & Customization – Presentation from Orlando WordPress Meetup

Today I gave a really cool talk on what skills one needs to install and customize WordPress themes.  I argue that this is a niche in the WordPress ecology and of itself and it’s possible at different levels from site owners, to account managers, to developers.


We cover some examples of how to customize a few primary features of the Swift free WordPress theme and Canvas, the premium WooThemes framework.