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The Best Free WordPress Backup Plugin

Screenshot of the plugin page on WordPress.org for BackWPup

I was recently reviewing WordPress backup plugins for a Treehouse project and came across BackWPup (from the folks at MarketPress.com).  From the research I have done, this is the best featured most solid free backup option for WordPress.

It has all of the following important features

  • Backup files and/or database
  • Schedule backups
  • Create multiple backup Jobs
  • Backup to server
  • Send backups to S3, Dropbox or FTP server
  • Advanced saving, compressing and optimizing options

On most small sites (and in past Treehouse courses) I have often recommended BackUpWordPress.  However, BackUpWordPress does not allow for off site backups.

For this reason I think I’ll be switching to BackWPup as my new favorite free WordPress backup plugin.

If you have some money to spend on backups (which you should considering how important it is), I would also recommend BackupBuddy, which comes with 1GB of free off site storage as well as a lot of powerful features, like the ability to easily restore full and partial backups.

In addition to BackupBuddy, if you want to go all out, you should check out VaultPress, a subscription based super powerful automated, off site backup service from the folks at Automatic.  I choose this option for my more mission critical WordPress projects.

If You Haven’t Seen Brad Williams Speak in Person on WordPress Security, Watch This!

Brad Williams has long been considered a leading person on WordPress security. I’ve had the opportunity to see him speak a number of times and if you haven’t, I would really suggest you check out one his latest talks from WordCamp Phoenix.

I will be doing an upcoming course on WordPress security for Treehouse and resources like this from Brad are a huge asset for learning more about the topic. Thanks Brad!


When you’re responsible for the security of a site, it’s important that you understand about Bruce Force Attacks.  These attacks happen when a number of people or a single person with a number of computers under his or her control tries to access your site multiple (hundreds or thousands of times) in order to try many different password combinations to hack your site.

Over the last couple of months we have seen an increase in brute force attacks from WordPress sites, and this article from WP Beginner can help you take some steps for protecting your site.