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An Object Oriented Template for WordPress Plugins

A while back, while working at the WordPress plugin course at Treehouse, I came across this awesome plugin from Daniel Convissor. The Object Oriented Plugin Template Solution plugin basically gives you an OO template for building your own WordPress plugin.

I didn’t end up using the template in the project, however, it was very helpful to look over and learn from. I encourage new plugin developers to check it out when you start your next plugin!

A List of Commonly Unknown WP Function

Elliott from Laser Red wrote a round up of helpful WordPress functions that you don’t usually read about:

  1. get_post_field
  2. wp_list_pluck
  3. antispambot
  4. checked/selected
  5. body_class
  6. human_time_diff
  7. wp_send_json_success/error
  8. wp_remote_get/post
  9. get_template_part

If you’re a WordPress dev, I really suggest you check out this article, because he gives an explanation and code example for each one of these in an a quick, easy to read format.


Thanks to core contributor, Tom McFarlin, for writing up this great series of posts on WP Tuts+ dissecting the recommended coding standards for WordPress theme and plugin development.

The Difference Between WordPress Filters and Actions

Thanks to Otto for making the difference between actions and filters clear:

Filters filter things. Actions do not. And this is critically important when you’re writing a filter. A filter function should never, ever, have unexpected side effects.

There, you go, pretty straightforward!  He actually makes some really good, concise points about the difference between these terms and as he says: please learn this lesson well.