Zac Gordon Teaching on Set for Treehouse

WordPress Courses

The JavaScript for WordPress Master Course

This Master Course teaches JavaScript deeply, from the ground up and shows how to connect it with the WordPress REST API.

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Frontend Masters JavaScript for WordPress Course


This live recorded workshop is a 4 hour version of parts from my Master Course that are available on the incredible Frontend Masters Program.  Learn the essentials of developing in WordPress with JavaScript.

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Udemy WordPress Theme & Plugin Development Course


The online learning site Udemy approached me to develop a featured, comprehensive course on Theme and Plugin Development with WordPress.  Learn from hundreds of videos and hours of content everything you need to know as a Junior WordPress Developer.

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WordPress Development Courses at Treehouse

Zac Gordon Teaching on Set for Treehouse

While the WordPress Teacher for Treehouse I taught more than 3 dozen courses on various aspects of WordPress Development.  While a little old, they are still valuable courses.

Find my Treehouse WordPress Courses here >>

WooCommerce Developer Course and Workshop

In addition to my general WordPress User and Developer courses at Treehouse, I also did a special in depth course on WooCommerce Theme Development.

This WooCommerce Treehouse course was requested when I attended WooConf 2015, and by WooConf 2016, the course was live and I gave a 1 Hour Workshop at WooConf 2016 covering the major points of the course.  Check out the full workshop video below!

If you want to learn how to build a custom WooCommerce Theme from scratch.  Check out the course for more!  Oh and the slides for the workshop are here 😉

DesktopServer Plugins Course

I am a big fan of DesktopServer from ServerPress.  This software let’s you easily run WordPress right on your computer.  However, it also has Plugins available which added a lot of cool features.  In this Free 11 Video Course I go over how to use the default DesktopServer Developer Plugins.

Coming Courses in 2017..

In 2017 I will have new JavaScript for WordPress Master Course content coming as well as some more content around WordPress Theme Development.