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How to Add Meta Descriptions to WordPress Themes Using functions.php

While working on an SEO for WordPress course recently, I was looking for a way to manually add meta descriptions to a theme from the functions.php file.

After playing around a bit, I came up with this solution:

This of course raises the bigger question of why would you want to do this instead of using a plugins like SEO by Yoast or All in One SEO.  I don’t think that you actually would :p I just wanted to demonstrate how to do it.

If you have a more elegant solution, please suggest away!

Hardcode a Ninja Form in Your WordPress Theme


I have been a big Gravity Forms supporter for a long time, however, I’m beginning to get more interested in Ninja Forms, which is a free WordPress form builder and also quite powerful.

If you decide to build your WP forms with Ninja Forms, you may find the ninja_forms_display_form() function helpful since it let’s you hardcode a form directly into a template.

Most of the time I add my forms as shortcodes, but on occassion it’s necessary to hardcode in the form to the theme files itself. Here’s the full documentation for the ninja_forms_display_form hook.

Learn WP from Static HTML to Custom Theme

Rock on to the folks at WP Tuts for staying up to date on publishing WordPress theme tutorials!

Here is the latest in their series:

  1. Creating a WordPress Theme From Static HTML: Preparing the Markup
  2. Creating a WordPress Theme From Static HTML: Creating Template Files
  3. Creating a WordPress Theme From Static HTML: Uploading Your Theme to WordPress

Thanks Rachel for your great work!