What Does “Gutenberg Compatible Theme” Mean?

In an upcoming course on Theming with Gutenberg I felt it was important to tackle the phrase “Gutenberg Compatible” that has come up in various discussions in the community as well as with some new themes being marketed as “Gutenberg Compatible.”

The take away from the video is summed up in this quote from one of the slides:

“Gutenberg Compatible” has a range of meanings.

However, I do break down the various ways you can make a WordPress theme Gutenberg Compatible and what you might want to prioritize.

At this point, there are a few ways to customize or integrate a theme to work with Gutenberg:

  1. Style blocks nicely
  2. Provide wide and full align support
  3. Apply color palettes
  4. Make block templates available
  5. Customize editor styles
  6. Leverage other Gutenberg related hooks where needed
  7. Test any content needing custom fields, page builders, shortcodes or plugins

Of course you do not need to do all of these, but I would say #1 #2 and #7 are essential and #3 is a good idea.  From there you can use your discretion based on the goals of your theme.

To learn more, please stay tuned to gutenberg.courses for upcoming courses and videos on theming with Gutenberg.  Also, if I’m missing something you have discovered or think important, please let me know!

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