WordPress DC Gutenberg Meetup

Oh how I love my hometown WordPress DC Meetup group.  It’s been going for years and I have had the honor to speak a few times.

Tonight they did a special session for users (with some dev questions at the end)  on the new drag and drop, block editor for WordPress, code named Gutenberg.

I tried to give a very basic, high level talk, with a lot of time to answer folks questions about Gutenberg. Overall it went pretty well, although I had hoped for more folks getting started to ask some basic questions.  Turns out the majority of the folks build websites for others, so I don’t think Gutenberg was a new concept for everyone.

You can check out the slides from the talk below 🙂

I have been so involved with Gutenberg lately, with my Gutenberg Development Course and other related Gutenberg education projects that I forget that a lot of folks have not played with Gutenberg much or tested their sites with it.

Given this, it was an honor and super fun to speak on the topic at my hometown WordPress Meetup.  Thanks co-organizers Leland and Beth of inviting me 🙂

Learn More About Gutenberg

My buddy Joe Casabona and I have been doing courses on Gutenberg.  If you’d like a solid walk through of Gutenberg from a user or developer perspective, you should check out some of our sample content!

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