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Slides from WordCamp Baltimore – A Year of Learning (and Teaching) JavaScript Deeply

Today I had the chance to speak at WordCamp Baltimore 2016 about my last year of learning and teaching JavaScript Deeply.

I had a great time preparing the slides and getting everything ready and hopefully it all went well ūüôā ¬†I’ll add up the video once its on WordPress.tv


$100 Off My WooCommerce Development Workshop at WooConf 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 10.36.22 PM.png

I’m super excited to head out to Austin on April 6-8 this year for my 2nd¬†WooConf. ¬†This year I will be doing a workshop based on a¬†WooCommerce Theme Development Course I did at Treehouse.

Thanks to the folks at¬†WooCommerce, I have an unlimited coupon code “WOOCONFZAC” for $100 off¬†for anyone who wants to attend¬†the conference for Woo work.

Check out the trailer for the course to get an idea of just some of what we will get into.


Of course we will also talk a little about JS and API work with¬†WooCommerce ūüėČ

The Sustaining Heart of the WordPress Community

This last week has been quite a week for me.  Treehouse, The online learning company where I have been teaching WordPress for the last 3+ years told me that they had decided to stop teaching WordPress and that I had been fired.  That was Monday.

On Friday the same week, WordCamp US started.  Between Monday and Thursday I knew I had to come up with some new idea of how to support myself and then get to WordCamp US to connect with the community about the idea and see if it would work.

My idea is simple, keep teaching WordPress. ¬†I have been teaching WordPress long before¬†Treehouse¬†and apparently I¬†will be teaching WordPress long after Treehouse¬†too ūüėČ

What I really want to share in this post though is the love and support and sustaining energy I felt from attending WordCamp US, sharing my idea with people, and getting their feedback.

Everyone who I told about leaving Treehouse was shocked.  Yet they were super supportive of me continuing to teach WordPress on my own.  This brought such joy to my heart and upliftment to my efforts.

As I set out to focus full time on WordPress education on my own I feel as if I am sailing on the thoughts, accomplishments and support of the amazing people in the WordPress Community.  For this I am very grateful.

I realize though that had an ordinary Joe Shmoe showed up at WordCamp US out of a job and looking to get support for a new venture they might walk away deflated and not like they have a lot of support.

The only reason my experience went the way it did, I believe, is because of how much I have participated in the community and tried to play a helpful role for people learning WordPress.

For the past several years I have been attending between 8-12 WordCamps per year and speaking about a range of the subjects.  Through this I formed personal relationships and tried to support other people in the community.

It’s clich√©, but true. ¬†Give in a good way¬†to the WordPress community and it will support you.

My next venture in teaching WordPress is going to be my attempt to try to give back to the Community even more.  I believe I have identified a needed niche in the world of WordPress Education and I am going to hustle for the next few months to meet it at a level few others would be capable of doing (in part because of my teaching experience and in part because I have no job to take up my time).

While I know that this project will give a lot back to the community, I am also going to be asking for support from the community in a pretty big way.  The great thing though, is that I have faith.  I have faith in life, faith in following your passion, and faith in the Sustaining Heart of the WordPress Community.

Thank you to all of you who make it so.

Post Scriptum: I would specifically like to thank Rich Robinkoff for his talk at WordCamp US about keeping the spirit of #wpmom alive.  His talk inspired me to write this post and share what I would have normally kept to myself.

PPS: This post has been edited.

Technology Education Panel at WordCamp Orlando 2015

Today I had the chance to speak on a panel at WordCamp Orlando on Technology Education with the following rock stars:

  • Susanna Miller, Iron Yard
  • Gregg Pollack, Code School
  • Josh Murdock, Valencia College
  • Zac Gordon, Treehouse

We had a great moderator, Orrett Davis, who brought some great questions as well as fielded some superb questions from the audience as well.  Some of the things we talked about included the following:

  • How has the learning landscape changed over the years
  • How important is it for someone to have a college degree
  • Degree and¬†certifications from non traditional schools
  • How to make sure someone is qualified for work after completing course
  • Trade offs of¬†traditional, bootcamp and online learning
  • How do you stay up to date on content

Overall it was a really great panel and I enjoyed meeting the other panelists and discussing technology education.

Check Out My Live Workshop on Making a WordPress Theme with the ZURB Foundation CSS Framework!

Thanks to some encouragement from one of our Treehouse students, Anthony Hind as well as our awesome video team at Treehouse, I was able to do a live workshop this week on how to build a basic WordPress theme with the Foundation Framework from ZURB.

You can find the workshop here on Treehouse.

If you’re interested in learning more check out our other¬†WordPress courses on Treehouse!

Trailer for New Treehouse Course: How to Build Websites with WordPress

I’m excited to announce the release of our latest Treehouse WordPress course: How to Make Websites with WordPress.

We cover all the basics you need to get up and running with WordPress:

  • How to Install WordPress
  • Working with WordPress Themes
  • Customizing WordPress Themes
  • Working with Custom Post Types and Fields
  • Adding Widget Areas
  • Adding Custom Menus
  • Plugin Best Practices

You can see the whole course over on Treehouse!