Technology Education Panel at WordCamp Orlando 2015

Today I had the chance to speak on a panel at WordCamp Orlando on Technology Education with the following rock stars:

  • Susanna Miller, Iron Yard
  • Gregg Pollack, Code School
  • Josh Murdock, Valencia College
  • Zac Gordon, Treehouse

We had a great moderator, Orrett Davis, who brought some great questions as well as fielded some superb questions from the audience as well.  Some of the things we talked about included the following:

  • How has the learning landscape changed over the years
  • How important is it for someone to have a college degree
  • Degree and certifications from non traditional schools
  • How to make sure someone is qualified for work after completing course
  • Trade offs of traditional, bootcamp and online learning
  • How do you stay up to date on content

Overall it was a really great panel and I enjoyed meeting the other panelists and discussing technology education.

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