Great Write Up on Pros and Cons of Learning WordPress Online

As someone who teaches WordPress online, I have a lot of interest in this topic of how online learning for web design.

Check out this article on the topic at and then if you vote for learning online, sign up at Treehouse to Learn WordPress!!!

2 thoughts on “Great Write Up on Pros and Cons of Learning WordPress Online

  1. For a teacher your are awesome lazy…you have your blog full with links so you can say you have a blog or what???

    When a teacher is standing for a class and reach out books to the kids and say, now read and do it yourself, is that teaching in your vision?



    1. Ahaha, your blind criticism makes me laugh 🙂 I teach online, not in person, and I keep this blog for myself not for students. The idea, as I say is to keep a running stream of things I find interesting in the WP world that relate to the work I do with WordPress on my own and for TH.


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