The WordPress Data API Talk at WordCamp Miami 2019

The NEW Redux Data API in WordPress

It was a great pleasure to return to WordCamp Miami again. It is always a great camp and I recommend folks try to attend if possible.

This year I presented a new talk called “Everything You Can Do With The NEW (Redux Based) JavaScript Data API In WordPress

A huge shoutout to Pantheon for sponsoring my travel to WordCamp Miami!

Unfortunately there were some technical issues and the computer did not work for most of the talk. Luckily I was able to access the slides (but not live code examples) towards the end of the talk.


You can find the slides for the talk here

Code Repo

And the code repo for the talk is here:

Data API Overview Video

I also have an overview video on the Data API from my course that you can checkout.

Learn More with This Course!

To learn more about the Data API and a lot of other cool things in WordPress, checkout my course on Advanced Gutenberg Development.

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