Custom Block Development Workshop at WordCamp Phoenix 2019

It has been a number of years since I first attended WordCamp Phoenix, and I was excited to be back this year to give a 3 hour workshop on Custom Block Development.

What We Did

In this workshop we started off building a block with no build tools and just basic React and JavaScript.

We then looked at how to add build tools to our setup. Then finally we explored the component library in WordPress and how we can add them to our custom blocks.

Get the Code & Slides

Here is the repo where you can download the example files:

And here are the slides for the workshop:

Limited Time Discount

There is also a limited time 50% discount for all of my Gutenberg Courses that ends 1 day after the workshop is over:

Next Up: WordCamp Miami

The next conference I will be speaking at is WordCamp Miami 2019 – Please come find me and say hi!

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