WordCamp London Gutenberg Workshop

https://twitter.com/zgordon/status/985462303255490560 For years I have wanted to make it to WordCamp London.  Since doing my study abroad at Cambridge, I have felt a second home in the UK. This year I got to finally be in England for WordCamp London 2018. https://twitter.com/tomcchute/status/985119398695522304 The week before the Camp I did an informal Gutenberg workshop with the … Continue reading WordCamp London Gutenberg Workshop

Gutenberg Jam Session with Pragmatic

This week I had the opportunity to stop by Pragmatic, a leading WordPress UK agency to do an informal chat / workshop around Gutenberg. https://twitter.com/tomcchute/status/983659963720634369 What We Talked About I didn't want to take too much time going over things that I already covered in my Gutenberg Development Course.  But there were still some folks … Continue reading Gutenberg Jam Session with Pragmatic

WordCamp Miami Gutenberg Workshop 2018

https://twitter.com/zgordon/status/974643443300552704 This year, WordCamp Miami continued it's focus on providing resources around learning JavaScript for WordPress.  Not only did they have a dedicated JavaScript track like they have in the past, they also had a full day workshop on Gutenberg Development. https://twitter.com/bph/status/974654737776857088 Brian Richards, Grzegorz (Greg) Ziółkowski, Josh Pollock and myself each did part of the workshop that … Continue reading WordCamp Miami Gutenberg Workshop 2018

Guten Tag Events – A Gutenberg Community Series – The First 4 Sessions

Very excited I was when Ana Silva and Jenny Wong reached out to me about a UK WP Community led event series called Guten Tag.  They, along with some Core developers, Plugin developers, designers, managers, agencies and others to discuss the finer points of the roll out of Gutenberg and what it meant to everyone … Continue reading Guten Tag Events – A Gutenberg Community Series – The First 4 Sessions