Gutenberg Jam Session with Pragmatic

This week I had the opportunity to stop by Pragmatic, a leading WordPress UK agency to do an informal chat / workshop around Gutenberg.

What We Talked About

I didn’t want to take too much time going over things that I already covered in my Gutenberg Development Course.  But there were still some folks who hadn’t taken the course completely, so we did talk about a few things:

  • Core GB Architecture (where is the React abstraction, how is the Redux abstraction different than straight Redux)
  • How to access the globally available libraries within WordPress
  • What you need to do to get wp.element (React) on the frontend of the site
  • Approaches to creating blocks with rich frontend JavaScript
  • ACF vs Gutenberg && ACF to Gutenberg when appropraite
  • Using meta or API data in blocks
  • Migration possibilities for custom editing tools in the classic editor (or with ACF)
  • Tooling configurations and WordPress npm packages
  • Mmm, a bunch of other great things I can’t remember 😉


Sneak Peak of Theming with Gutenberg Course

I am currently working on a Gutenberg Theming course with my buddy Joe Casabona.  The course will likely be done at the end of the month and since Pragmatic does do a lot of custom WordPress themes I thought it would be good to talk through the various aspects of that course.

Love Me Some Pragmatic, Highly Recommend

I have gotten to know a number of Pragmatic employees over the last few years.  They are great folks and quite smart.  If you are looking to work at an enterprise level agency with great folks in lovely Brighton, UK, I highly suggest you check them out and keep a pulse on open job positions.


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