How I Follow Changes in Gutenberg Development

There is a great community series on Gutenberg starting called Guten-Tag.  One of the first sessions I am doing with this series is on “How to Stay Up to Date on Changes in Gutenberg.”

This has been a really relevant topic for me because I have released a course on Gutenberg Development, a Live Gutenberg Q&A, and have worked with some other educators on Gutenberg related development.  So staying up to date on the rapid changes with Gutenberg has been super important.

Luckily, it has gotten easier and easier.  In this post I want to outline a few places where you can go to stay up to date on the latest changes in Gutenberg Development.  This is what I have used, but I know it is not comprehensive, so if you notice things missing, please post them up in the comments!

Slack Channels

There are a few important Slack channels to follow to stay up to date on Gutenberg:

  • #core-js – This channel deals with JavaScript in general in WordPress Core.  It has a good deal of overlap with Gutenberg
  • #core-editor – This channel is specific to changes and discussions around the Gutenberg Editor
  • #core-customize – As Gutenberg expands into the Customizer I would highly suggest following this channel as well

While these channels are great for reading and following changes, it can also be a good place to ask your questions if you are not sure about how something works in GB.

Make WordPress Blog

The blog has great regular posts on Gutenberg.

  • Check the sidebar for official meeting times in Slack
  • “What’s new in Gutenberg” posts – Look for posts coming out every other week outlining the latest changes in Gutenberg from the last sprint
  • Any other posts related to Gutenberg.  There are a few other posts on Gutenberg that are different than the What’s new posts
  • Changes to Customizer – This is also a place you can find out more about the changes in the Customizer to Gutenberg.


The best thing about the Gutenberg repo on Github is that you can track all of the issues and changes happening to the plugin.

You can also post up issues if you notice bugs in Gutenberg.


A number of great accounts on Twitter have popped up to help you track changes in Gutenberg.

  • @zgordon and @jcasabona – We are both doing courses on GB and share a number of updates
  • @riadbenguella @gziolo @andrew_duthie @matias_ventura @karmatosed – Good Core Gutenberg Developers to follow
  • @thegutes @GutenbergHub @gutenbergtimes – Twitter accounts dedicated to GB
  • #Gutenberg #gutentag-events #gutentagWP- It is a good idea to follow the #Gutenberg related hastag


Did I Miss Anything?

How do you stay up to date on Gutenberg Development?

Folks mentioned this one as well 🙂

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