5 Big Announcements from the JavaScript for WordPress Master Course – 1 Year In!!!

1 Year Anniversary and A Lot of People to Thank!

Last weekend at WordCamp US 2016 marked my 1 year anniversary of working on the JavaScript for WordPress Master Course and the 1 year anniversary of us as a community having Learning JavaScript Deeply as a homework assignment.

Thank you to all of those I mention (and forget to) in the video above.  I would not be here still doing this course one year later without the support of the WordPress Community.  Thank you all.

An Announcement About the Cost of the Course

Starting on January 1st the cost of the course will go up from $397 to $697.  In this video above I talk about the important reasons for this and mention a way you can reserve your seat now to lock in the $397 price for the next enrollment period 🙂

Announcing the JS for WP Scholarship Fund!!!

Starting on January 1st we will be accepting nominations and applications for the new JS for WP Scholarship Fund.  Please take a listen to the reasoning for it and some of the details.

If you know someone (yourself included) who might want to sit on the Board of Directors to help nominate and select students, please contact me and let me know.

The Three Open Enrollment Periods for 2017

Last year, I announced enrollment dates late and planned them randomly.  This year is different 🙂  Check out the video to find out all three enrollment dates.

And, learn how to get one of the sweet JS for WP Bandanas!!!

Part 4 of the Course is FREE and Getting a Major Revamp

In this video I talk about the 4 Parts of the JavaScript for WordPress Master Course to put Part 4 of the course on Real World Projects into perspective.  Part 4 of the course became available for Free after the end of the last enrollment and is getting a major overhaul in the coming months.

If you have JavaScript or API related WordPress projects, please contact me and let me know!  I would love to feature them as a resource for the community.  Please watch above for details..

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