Sneak Peak Video from My Gutenberg Development Course – “Important JavaScript Libraries that Ship with Gutenberg”

Since WordCamp US 2017 earlier this month, I have been working on a Gutenberg Development Course to help theme and plugin developers get up and running with the new editor coming to WordPress.

I still have some more recording to do at the time of writing, but I wanted to share one of the videos from the first section of the course where we talk about how Gutenberg works under the hood.

Important JavaScript Libraries that Ship with Gutenberg

In this video I go over four important libraries that are made available to us with Gutenberg:

  • wp.blocks
  • wp.element
  • wp.components
  • wp.i18n

At the time of recording, these are all made available in the global window object so we can access them in our own block code without having to import them.

To Learn More About Gutenberg Development

If you would like to learn more about developing with the new editor in WordPress, please check out my Gutenberg Development Course.

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