Get Lesson Object for a Topic in LearnDash

While customizing LearnDash I came across an issue in the topic.php file where the $lesson_post variable was returning null even when there was a parent lesson for the topic.

So, after digging around at the LearnDash source code a bit I came up with this simple solution to grab the lesson whenever I needed using the topic post which is accessible via $post.

$parent_lesson_id = learndash_get_setting( $post, 'lesson' );
$parent_lesson = get_post( $parent_lesson_id );

Not sure if others will find this helpful, but there are not a ton of extensive docs or articles on developing for LearnDash so wanted to share 🙂

5 thoughts on “Get Lesson Object for a Topic in LearnDash

  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Zac, not sure why but the documentation related to learndash_get ‘anything’ is very lean to non-existent. You changed the course of my evening, thank you 🙂 I used your code to do the following titles i needed for course and lesson by referencing the topic $post:

    $parent_lesson_id = learndash_get_setting( $post, ‘lesson’ );
    $parent_lesson = get_the_title( $parent_lesson_id );
    $parent_course_id = learndash_get_setting( $post, ‘course’ );
    $parent_course = get_the_title( $parent_course_id );

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    1. Hi Mark,

      Do you have any idea how can i get the course category of the specific course?
      I am putting the courses on separate categories, and I want to get the value/name of that category.
      Do you have any idea?

      Thanks in advance.


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  2. Hi! Thank You very much!
    Could You tell how to get the next lesson’s link?
    I can’t find any learnDash functions info :(.

    I’m trying to make lesson autocompleting after completing last topic (if there’s no lesson’s quiz) and redirection to next lesson. Or, if there is a lesson’s quiz – redirect to the quiz.


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