An Update on WordPress at Treehouse

Hi Folks!

Wow, there sure has been a lot of commotion in the community since Treehouse let me go last week.  I appreciate everyone’s support so much!

However, Treehouse contacted me to inform that I mispoke about Treehouse not continuing to teach WordPress.  They stated this and asked me to share:  Treehouse will continue offering their existing WordPress content for the foreseeable future.

This likely means they will leave the existing courses up on the site, but it makes no mention or commitment to release courses in the future.  Please stay posted to Treehouse’s official channels if you would like to follow further updates.

On a personal note, I worked really hard on those courses at Treehouse (more than 40 courses and workshops in 3 years) and I am not going to reteach any of that content in my new courses.  So, if you want to learn Basic Theme Development, And Intro to the The Customizer and Settings APIs, How to use Actions and Filters, and all of the other topics I covered while there, Treehouse is still the place to go.

From here, I am super excited and laser focused on my next venture.  I am going to make a big announcement next week and ask everyone to please go over to WP Dev Casts and signup for the newsletter to hear the great coming news!

With Love,


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