Women to Follow in WordPress

From the dev and design side you usually see more men than women in the WP community (and in the web world in general).

Make sure to follow these women, who make an effort to stand out in the WP world.  I added a few from the suggestions in the comments as well 🙂

  1. Sarah Gooding (@PollyPlummer)
  2. Siobhan McKeown (@SiobhanPMcKeown)

  3. Helen Hou-Sandí (@HelenHouSandi)

  4. Jen Mylo (@JenMylo)

  5. Tammie Lister (@Karmatosed)

  6. Lisa Sabin-Wilson (@LisaSabinWilson)

  7. Jessica Barnard (@ThePixelista)

  8. Mika Ariela Epstein (@Ipstenu)

  9. Suzette Franck (@MT_Suzette)

  10. Stephanie Leary (@sleary)

  11. Andrea Rennick (@andrea_r)

  12. Natalie Maclees (@nataliemac)
  13. Andrea Middleton (@andmiddleton)

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