One of My Favorite Couples Blog Themes for WordPress

I kept a couples (and family) blog for a while and always enjoyed checking out themes for this type of blog.

I recently saw the Adam and Eve theme. Me likes 🙂

WordPress Adam and Eve Theme

Thanks ColorLabs for your great work and happy blogging to all the couples out there!

4 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Couples Blog Themes for WordPress

  1. Hi, I love Adam and Eve as a theme for my new blog but my two bloggers, who need to have their posts side by side, are the main characters in a novel I’m planning to sell as an eBook and they are NOT gay, but they are two males. SO the pink and blue, the heart, the dark blue background (personal non-like of that color) don’t work for the two of them. Is there a way to alter Adam and Eve OR do you have or know of any dual author blog themes for I have been looking and looking and as I’m new to this, it’s been difficult especially since searches for double column have two different meanings. In this case, my characters may not always match each other post for post but it needs to be even, on the site, visually. Please, if you can help a newbie…thanks/best, Diane


  2. Hi Diane,

    Sounds like a cool project! I did some searching and didn’t come up with anything offhand that would meet your need out of the box. However, this is something that most WP designers could help you make pretty easily (or customize the Adam and Eve theme).


  3. This looks like it might work for my parents who want to start a blog together. I am so dumb about this stuff. How customizable is this? Do the words Adam and Even have to appear at the top? Can I get a pic of my parents up high?


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