10 Simple Steps to Migrate WordPress from Local to Live Server

When you start to develop a lot of WordPress themes, you will find your natural rhythm moving sites from local development to live testing or production environments.

Here is a simple 10 step process for doing just that. The process works even if the sites have different URLs.

  1. Backup your WordPress site using WordPressBackUp or another backup plugin that gives you a file and database backup.
  2. Download and unzip this backup on your desktop (or wherevs)
  3. FTP in to your new server and upload all the files from the backup, except for the database file ending in .sql
  4. Login to your hosting control panel and create a new database. Make sure to note the db name, username and password.
  5. Navigate to phpMyAdmin from hosting control panel and upload the .sql file from the backup.
  6. Open up the wp-config.php file on the server
  7. Update the database information in the wp-config.php with the new database info you just setup.
  8. Add the url to the site in the wp-config.php file
  9. You should now be able to go to the live WP site and login
  10. Install the Search and Replace plugin and do a find all and replace for “http://your-local-url.com” with “http://your-live-url.com”

The last step fixes hardcoded links in your database to media that was uploaded during local development.

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