Connect WooCommerce Products with LearnDash Courses

I have been happily using LearnDash LMS with WordPress for my JavaScript for WordPress Master Course.

One of the tricks of using WooCommerce and LearnDash together is that you can build your courses separately from your WooCommerce products.

This is helpful for creating bundles that automatically grant access to individual or multiple courses.  In my Master Course I have it broken down into four parts, which are really individual courses behind the scenes.

To accomplish you have to install the Download, Install and Activate the Free LearnDash WooCommerce Integration Plugin from the LearnDash site.

Then after you create your Courses in LearnDash, create a Product in WooCommerce you will have an option to select Related Courses.

Integrate WooCommerce and LearnDash Courses

You will also want to go into WooCommerce Settings > Accounts and make sure to enable “Enable registration on the Checkout page.”

WooCommerce Enable registration on the "Checkout" page

With this configured, when someone purchases the course via WooCommerce on the front-end and creates an account during checkout they will automatically have access to the Related Courses you selected for the product.

You can check this by clicking on a User account and looking at the course access. Mine says Parts but yours will probably say Courses.

LearnDash Check User Enrolled in Courses

I have been quite happy with this combination of WooCommerce and LearnDash for selling my courses since WooCommerce allows me to customize the selling process quite a bit.

I will also add that you will likely want to customize your WooCommerce Emails to include welcome information about the course in addition to the default information.

Hopefully this helps you get up and running selling online courses using LearnDash and WooCommerce.

Good luck and enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Connect WooCommerce Products with LearnDash Courses

  1. andywatters@btinternet


    I’ve just started using Learndash and Woocommerce.

    I am curious how you address user profile management…….I seem to end up with a platform with users having a profile in Learndash and a separate account within Woocommerce.

    Surely this will cause confusion for users……how do you deal with this?


      1. Tom

        Hi Zac,many thanks for your work on this blog. I am very interested too, in a solution to bring the profile page and the woo commerce account together. 🙂


  2. Heather Dickson

    We create custom courses for companies that have 90 or more managers that need to complete the course. We are currently using the sensei plug in in WordPress. The problem with that is that each person needs to complete a separate login and purchase the course which does not make it user friendly for our clients. Does Learn Dash have a resolution to this problem? We need a program to allow multiple users to take the course by only providing a name and email address. I watched the demo for Learn Dash and it looks like we would have to register the course as a free course as opposed to a paid course. Wouldn’t this allow anyone to view and complete the course?

    Also we need the main supervisor for the company to be able to view and monitor all students test scores. Is this possible in learn dash?

    I also am concerned about the issue that students will have to login through learn dash to access course instead of the WordPress URL I provide them with. We need to keep our custom courses private to outside users.

    I appreciate any info you can give me.


    1. Zac Post author

      I’m not sure about some of these. You can make the course free to register and use only name and email but then, yes, anyone could sign up who had access. I am not sure of the best way around that although a few possibilities come to mind.

      There is the ability to view reports on quiz completion and I really like the group accounts plugin which allows for easy moderation.

      I hope this helps and they have really great customer support. I would suggest posing the same question to them 🙂



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