Digging the Editorial Calendar WordPress Plugin

In the past when scheduling blog posts, I would often have to go through a cumbersome process to figure out the date of the last article I wrote and schedule this one after it.  That was in Tumblr.

When I started this blog off in WordPress, I wanted to have an easy Calendar view for my posts on the admin area that I could see what posts are scheduled for when and easily start a new post from the same view.

The Editorial Calendar WordPress Plugin from the folks at Stresslimit Design well exceeded my expectations.

I can now

  • View when posts are set to schedule
  • Add new posts from the calendar view (add drafts actually then edit them in full edit view)
  • Edit posts from calendar view
  • Drag and drop posts (cool!)

Overall, glad I found this plugin.  It does what I need, has a nice UI and is going to make my blogging experience more enjoyable and streamlined.

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